Hello, my name is Dr. Wendy Bowley and I'm a chartered clinical psychologist based in St. Helier, Jersey, in the Channel Islands.


Psychological Assessment and Therapy


I provide assessment, formulation and therapy for a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties across the lifespan. In particular, I work with adults and adolescents experiencing the following problems:

  • Specific phobias
  • Other anxieties, including:
    • Panic
    • Worry
    • Social anxiety
    • Obsessive-compulsive difficulties (OCD)
    • Post-traumatic stress reactions (PTSD)
  • Depression and low mood
  • Bereavement and adjustment to loss
  • The effects of child sexual abuse
  • Low self-esteem and assertiveness difficulties
  • Inner negative feelings such as insecurity and emptiness
  • Anger
  • Occupational and acute stress
  • Recurrent relationship or interpersonal difficulties


As an experienced Clinical Psychologist I tailor interventions to each individual’s unique circumstances by first developing an individualised psychological understanding of their difficulties. This draws upon a range of psychological theories and therapeutic approaches.


The range of approaches I use includes an expertise in Cognitive Therapy (sometimes referred to as ‘CBT’) as well as specializing in schema therapy, a type of cognitive-interpersonal therapy. There is a growing evidence base for the use of these approaches with many of the psychological problems listed above.


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