You’ve changed my life.- P.H., St. Peter, Jersey, Channel Islands
My sessions with Wendy helped me immeasurably. She is both compassionate and insightful. We’re very lucky to have someone of her quality and experience in the island- SL, St Helier, Jersey
Wendy is very easy to talk to and puts you at ease… I would totally recommend Wendy as she has helped me so much.- A.F., St. John, Jersey, Channel Islands
Thank you for bringing me back.- D.A., Trinity, Jersey, Channel Islands
I have found therapy to have almost saved my life. It has helped me in so many ways. It has enabled me to be stronger and more independent within my relationships such as family, friends and colleagues. It has allowed me to be more accepting and understanding of different characters and with that I have became a stronger person and more accepting of my self. It has provided me with a clearer path in life, I understand what I want out of life and that I cannot please everyone else I should consider my own feelings. I believed I was an excellent communicator; however since therapy I have realized there are so many different ways to communicate and in fact I needed to develop my communication in a more positive way, which has helped in so many areas of life, not just at home but in the work place too. I wouldn’t say therapy is a quick fix because even after months of talking I find I still want to develop my self. Therapy has allowed me to open doors within my self and more doors keep opening.- C.R., St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
I would recommend therapy to anyone. There is so much stigma around ‘being in therapy’ but after having sessions for over a year I am a much happier and stronger individual. It has enabled me to take control of all relationships in my life. I believe most people could benefit through therapy even if they didn’t think they needed it because you don’t realize how much you needed the help in the first place. Through therapy I have been able to develop as a person and see things from a different perspective, I feel a much happier and healthier being. Thank you Wendy for all your time. It’s amazing how much stronger I am now.- D.S., St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
Wendy is a caring and knowledgeable guide through the therapy process. She helped me to rediscover what I thought I had lost. I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough.- J.M., St. Lawrence, Jersey, Channel Islands